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I Love Nail Polish - Mutagen

ILNP is an indie brand.  This is my first order from her.  She released a set of 4 pretty impressive duochromes and I ordered 3 of them.  Unlike many, they are opaque enough that they don’t need to be layered over black.

This is a frustrating polish to photograph.  I just can’t capture all the colors that are visible.  

The best way to show off duochromes is with nails that have a strong curve.  Mine don’t.  But just sitting still, Mutagen shows medium green at the outside of my nails, fading to a yellow-green toward the center, with a strip of rose gold down the center.  At other angles you can see maroon and a darker green.  It’s just an incredible polish.  Unfortunately the photos are really only capturing the green and gold.

The formula of Mutagen was great - 2 coats, and very easy to control.  I didn’t even do any cleanup.

These sell for $11.50 and contain 12 mL (OPI for comparison is 15 mL).

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